Sunday, April 11, 2010

Book Review: Green Jobs for a New Economy By Peterson's

While my computer was broken I read quite a few books at the local library.  One of them was Green Jobs for a New Economy, written and published by Peterson's.  The ISBN number is 076892815X.  I DO NOT recommend wasting your time reading it.

It goes through several different community colleges and universities, discussing various green programs they have.  However, in my state, they left out the greenest school in the state with the most green programs and initiatives.  Whoever researched this book did not do a very thorough job.  My guess is that whoever wrote this book just sat on the internet doing the research and had no real knowledge about any of the schools or programs.

Save yourself the time.  All of this information, plus more, is available online for free, and you could probably do a better job researching this stuff than the authors of this book

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