Thursday, April 15, 2010

5 Tips For Greener Golfing and Protecting the Environment

It's the time of year when many of us dust off our golf clubs and hit the course.  Here are some green tips for your next golf outing:

  1. Pick a course that advertises green practices.  If none advertise this do a quick call around to all the courses and find one who cares.
  2. Recycle anything you bring onto the course.  If it's not recyclable, carry your trash until you come across a wastebasket.
  3. WALK the course instead of renting a cart!  It is healthier for you and the environment!!!
  4. Buy golf balls and golf tees made from recycled materials.  Believe me, they work just as well!
  5. Replace your divots.  This helps keep the grass growing well and reduces the course's maintenance costs, keeping green fees lower!

Have a great spring and good luck with your golf swing!

How to Recycle Golf Balls

**image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

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