Wednesday, November 25, 2009

List Of Green Christmas Gift Ideas For 2009

Here's a list of greener gifts you can give for Christmas this year:

  1. Plant, flower, fruit, or vegetable seeds to be planted in the spring
  2. Donate time and/or money in the recipient's name
  3. Baked goods
  4. Music downloads
  5. Ebooks
  6. Books or movies about green living
  7. Carbon offsets
  8. National Park pass
  9. Wooden board game set
  10. Bike or rollerblades
  11. Solar powered cell phone charger
  12. Tickets to an event or concert
  13. Services like car washing or babysitting
  14. Museum pass
  15. Herb garden
  16. Reusable shopping bags
  17. Reusable water bottles
  18. Playing cards

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