Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How To Reuse and Recycle Greeting Cards

Each year about 7 billion greeting cards are sold throughout the world. Over a third of those are Christmas cards. A single greeting card might not seem to make a difference on the environment, but think about how much room 7 billion of them would take up! Here are some ways to reuse or recycle old greeting cards.

  • Create your own cards out of old ones. You can cut the front cover off of most greeting cards and then paste them onto a new handmade card. Kids love this. There are so many ways you can creatively use them. Many hobby stores carry blank cards that work great for this.

  • Check out St. Jude’s Ranch website to see if they are accepting greeting cards. If they are, you can mail your old greeting cards to be remade into new greeting cards by this charitable organization.

  • Cut off the front side and turn it into a postcard. These can be sent using postage stamps, which are much less expensive than regular postage stamps.

  • Old greeting cards can also be used for crafts. If the card is a Christmas card, think about using it to make an ornament. Cards can be cut into tags for presents or gift bags too.

  • Most cards can be recycled with paper. Be aware of any material on the card that is not recyclable and remove it. Glitter can be a problem. Also, musical cards contain metal parts so those must be removed prior to recycling.

You may help save trees by simply not buying any more greeting cards. Think about how much money it costs for an impersonal message with a simple decoration on the front. Ecards are an alternative. You can still sent your loved ones greeting cards without wasting paper. There are many websites that offer free online greeting cards that you can add personalized messages to. Think of how many trees could be saved if there weren’t 7 billion greeting cards being produced each year!

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