Friday, July 3, 2009

How To Recycle Your Toothbrush

Here's something that everyone uses (hopefully). Think about how many million toothbrushes are used every day. Many natural food stores carry toothbrushes made from recycled plastic. These are great products. Once you are done using the toothbrush there are many ways to lengthen the life of it. There are too many ways to list how you can reuse your toothbrush so here are just a few to get you started.

  1. Use it to detail clean your vehicle, getting in cracks that a normal rag can't reach.

  2. They work great for scrubbing hard water and mineral buildups around sink faucets.

  3. Use them to clean and polish your jewelry.

  4. The bristles work great for cleaning tile grout.

  5. Scrubbing shoes with toothbrushes gets them nice and clean, however, make sure you aren't using a brush with hard bristles.

  6. Car battery terminals often get dirty and toothbrushes work great to clean them.

  7. Use them to scrub stains out of carpet.

As you can probably tell already, this list goes on and on. Feel free to add your own tips and uses that prolong the life of toothbrushes. Remember, buy brushes made from recycled plastic.

**image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

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