Friday, July 3, 2009

Ecotourism, Eco-Friendly Green Travel

Okay so by now most of us have taken steps to green our homes, but what about when we aren’t at home? When we travel most of us leave an even bigger impact on the environment than we do at home. Ecotourism is a new way to think about travel.

When planning a trip, do some research on potential destinations. Some cities or parts of the world are greener than others. Also, many hotels are taking the initiative to go green. Ask questions when booking your hotel rooms and book at an eco-friendly hotel. When at the hotel, don’t request new sheets on the bed each day and reuse your towels. Even better, consider camping instead of hotels.

When getting around your destination think green. Find out ways to bike or walk instead of driving. There are places where you can rent bikes in some destinations. If walking or biking are not options, opt for public transit like buses or shuttles instead of renting a car. This will also save you some hassle. Buses, trains, subways and ferries are also great ways to get around. If you must rent a car opt for a hybrid or compact model.

When at your destination eat local foods. Food takes a lot of energy to transport (see post on locavores). Ask questions when making reservations. Eating local foods will give you a more genuine vacation experience and often the food is better.

Don’t forget to turn everything off at home. Not only that, but unplug everything you can. Many electronic items still suck energy when the item isn’t on. Turn off the thermostat, weather permitting, or at least crank it so that it hardly runs at all.


  1. A nice post. There are simple ways to enjoy tours which we often forget. Hope, someday, all of us will understand the importance of thinking green!

  2. Thanks Dripto, just checked out your blog and think it's a great resource for ecotourism information. I added it to my blogroll. Thanks!