Monday, June 29, 2009

Ways To Keep Cool Without Running the AC

Here's a list of tips on keeping cool without running your costly air conditioner.

  1. Grill out. It's a good way to have hot food without heating up your house like the oven does.
  2. Put some bottles of water in the fridge or freezer. You'd be amazed how much an ice cold drink cools you down.
  3. Find places on the lowest floor of your home to work or relax. Heat rises, and cool air falls.
  4. Use ceiling or floor fans. They are much less costly to run than air conditioning.
  5. Take cold showers. Humid air from steamy showers makes your home feel even warmer than it is.
  6. Open windows on all sides of your home. This will help air circulate through your home.
Stay cool! Remember this. The average fan uses about 100 watts/hour while the average air conditioner uses about 1200 watts/hour.

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